5 Trendy And Cheap Promotional Products For Universities

It's no secret that promotional products in AU are effective for creating awareness in universities. The trick is finding products that university students love while sticking to the confines of your budget. 

This might require you to peruse through millions of products online, which can be discouraging and overwhelming. 

A better alternative would be to work with a reputable online promotional products supplier. They will take your needs into consideration as they look for products suitable for your campaign. 

To get you started on this, we look at five trendy and cheap promotional products you can trust in your promotions among university students.

  1. Thumb Drives

For many university students, data sharing is a core part of learning. This is what makes the thumb drive one of the most effective promotional items in Australia for brands looking to win over the university crowd. 

Promotional thumb drives are not only cheap but also easy to customise. They also perform pretty well in giving your brand massive exposure since they are portable and able to last long. 

For much better results, creatively customise them so that they are memorable. Given their nature of use (data sharing), this will be a good opportunity to market your brand.

  1. Induction Speakers: Promotional Product

You will hardly go wrong with tech promo items when the target audience is the young or students. Offering functional electronic products is an effective way to make an impression on campus students. 

The induction speaker is a good example of an affordable promotional gift that has high functionality. The speaker is wireless and plays music when a phone is placed on it. You can’t separate young people from their music and a device that makes the listening experience exciting. 

Such a product will be used a lot at social gatherings, presenting you with a marketing opportunity. Students will associate your brand with good times and memorable experiences. Not bad for such an affordable product, right?

  1. Branded Laptop Sleeves

Nearly every student owns a laptop, and most will not mind using a product that complements it. This partly explains why laptop accessories are so popular in universities. 

The laptop sleeve is a good example of a cheap item that can easily be converted into an effective promotional product. Not only are they functional but also easy to customise.

A great promotional gifts supplier will help you to come up with memorable iterations of your logo and other brand details for use on the laptop sleeves so that students carrying their laptop in your customised sleeve can serve as your brand ambassadors. 

  1. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are fashionable again! They might have gone out of style a few years ago but campus students are determined to bring this functional accessory back into rotation. 

In addition to being cheap, fanny packs have enough space for a custom imprint of your logo. Many university students find them practical as they can be used to carry their phones and other accessories like wireless earbuds, promotional thumb drives, and so on.

  1. Branded Socks

Promotional apparels can be expensive, especially if they are of good quality and you need them in bulk. Socks, however, stand out from other promotional apparels because they are relatively cheaper and could be gifted to anyone. 

Besides being worn to class or other formal settings, one can gift the students a pair they can wear indoors while watching Netflix or getting school work done.

The best part about using branded socks as promotional items is that they are easy to brand. They also come in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can go further and customize your socks with a funny quote or an inspirational message.

It’s true that universities are a lucrative marketplace for most businesses. Promotional products in AU will give you an edge over your competitors. This list represents a fraction of the products you can add to your promotional campaign. For more ideas or help coming up with a successful campaign, consult an experienced online promotional products supplier. Our staff at Happy Promotions would be happy to listen to your needs and work with you every step of the process to come up with well-branded promotional items for your campaign. Get in touch with us to learn more today.