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With offices across Australia, Happyway Promotions has been supporting our clients with quality promotional merchandise and corporate gifts for over 10 years. With our manufacturing and sourcing departments all based locally, we ensure our customers can take advantage of great prices as well as low minimum order quantity. If you're looking for promotional products, you have come to the right place. We promise to make ordering quick and easy.


It's on time or it's on us. If your event is missed because we didn't ship on time, your order is free.


If you provide us a quote for your order from another supplier, we will not only match this price, but ensure to beat it every time.


Our aim is to guarantee 100% satisfaction in our premium, high quality products.

Free samples

Show colleagues, get feedback, check sizes. It's the perfect way to find the perfect product. Be certain with FREE samples—just give us a call.

Complimentary art assistance

You've got a job to do, so let our design pros take care of making sure you—and your logo—look great! Whether it's ready to go or a sketch you want to bring to life, send us what you have and we’ll do the rest.

Personal, expert service on every order

Whether you're on the web or over the phone, every order is cared for by people who will make sure every detail is as you wish. This includes an experienced promotional product expert who will work with you personally on your order and our team of professional artists.

Australian Promotional Product Supplier

Over two decades later, Happyway Promotions remains the go-to source for quality promotional products in Australia. Our offices are spread across the country, supporting our clients in ensuring they have the perfect merchandise for their campaigns. Our understanding of the Australian market is deep and informs our product selection and design process. Right from sourcing to manufacturing, we have kept everything local to ensure you continue to enjoy friendly prices and relatively low minimum order quantity. We can scale our operations to work with any kind of business regardless of its size or industry. These are among the many reasons why we are Australia’s premier custom corporate promotional products supplier.

Here’s why you should come to us for your branded custom corporate promotional products:

We Are Great At What We Do

More than two decades later in the promotional products business, we are still competitive. So far, we have served millions of customers who rate us highly and continue to do business with us. Our experience in this industry has given us a complete understanding of every aspect of promotional marketing. That is why our focus goes beyond supply and branding. Count on us to deliver on time as well. It's either that or the blame is on us. Should you miss an event because our shipment was late, your order will be absolutely free.

Ultimate Value For Money

Take advantage of our great prices to experience the highest return on your investment. Go ahead and bring us the quote from other suppliers and we will not only match but beat the rate every other time.

Expert Designers At Your Service

Our creative design pros are the stars of the show. Send us your ideas and they will do the rest. An expert designer will be assigned to you whom you can keep in touch with at all times. They will get your rough ideas on paper transforming them into the next irresistible promo item.

Personal, Expert Service On Every Order

Whether you're on the web or over the phone, every order is cared for by people who will make sure every detail is as you wish. This includes an experienced promotional product expert who will work with you personally on your order and our team of professional artists

Stellar Reputation

One thing you can count on from us is trust, reliability and quality services. Our clients are more than happy with what we supply to them and how we customise their products. This is evident in the reviews on our online channels and business review platforms. Our customers know that they get the best services in the industry every time they source custom branded promo products from us.

Seamless Customisation Experience

Happyway Promotions was among the first custom promotional products supplier in Australia to embrace the e-commerce model. We have had more than enough time to refine our online user flow. Our design tools are designed with your needs in mind. Customising your promotional products on our platform feels natural. You will be churning out designs within minutes and rendering exceptionally unique styles. To add to this, we have a rich catalogue of materials you can use to make your design process faster. From custom fonts to clip art and template. We have you covered.

It’s easy to see why partnering with us will bring you the highest return on your investment. We understand that for your corporate promo products to be successful, they have to be perfect. That is why we offer free samples for you to show colleagues, get feedback and check sizes. With our experts working with you every step of the way, you can be sure that your branded custom corporate products will deliver on your goals.


1Why Order with HappyWays Promotions?

Late deliveries, poor quality products, lack of options and poor communication are just some of the many problems you will face when working with the wrong promotional product supplier. But you will never go through any of that when you order from HappyWays Promotions. We guarantee ultimate value for your money.

Our store comprises a wide variety of quality promotional merchandise for you to choose from. We also offer you guidance in customizing them, deliver on time and counter check every item before packing.

Our sales rep and expert designs are available to respond to your questions and concerns, ensuring you have the perfect promotional item for your campaign.

2 How Can I Get in Touch?

We are eager to see your brand grow through quality customized promotional items. That is why we have a help team available for consultations at all times. You can get in touch with our team of experts for inquiries and to place an order via our landline: 02 9793 2099.

You can also engage us through our live chat by filling in your details and posting your inquiry. This option works on both desktop and your mobile.

In order to keep you informed about our products, we keep our email address open.

Do not hesitate to consult us to find out more about promotional products.

3Why do you need a Promotional Gift Supplier?

It is no doubt that promotional gifts play a major role in marketing. However, getting the right one for your customers is never easy. It is easy to end up with poor quality or poorly branded items when you lack expert help. Let’s also not forget that low quality and poor branding could damage your reputation and waste your resources in the process. That is why you need to work with a dependable promotional gift supplier like HappyWays Promotions. We take pride in giving you many options to choose from. Our products are of high quality and your brand logo will remain visible on them for a long time.

4How HappyWay Promotions is the best for promotional Gifts?

Happyways Promotions is your one-stop online shop for customized quality merchandise. We believe in growing businesses through affordable and unique promotional items. We also understand that your brand’s image depends on the quality of promotional products you give your clients.

Our store has a wide variety of quality promotional items for you to choose from and makes it possible for you to customise them through our simple-to-use online design tools. We have a team of expert designers and artists always ready to assist you in perfecting your item.

5How to Choose the best promotions products for marketing?

Did you know that freebies influence how people see your brand? Low quality products waste your resources and damage your reputation. Quality products on the other hand highlight your competence and reliability as a brand. That is why you need to carefully select your promotional products. To do so, use the following tips:

  • Think about your target recipients- People have varying preferences. What works for you may not suit another. Think of your customers and their preferences before ordering promotional items.
  • Go for uniqueness- Choose a unique gift, something that you customers will not shove into a drawer with other boring gifts. This way, your brand won’t be easily forgotten.
  • Choose durability- The longer a customized item lasts, the more recognition your brand will get. So, go for promotional products that will market you long after you purchase them.
  • Work with a reliable promotional gifts supplier - Thoroughly vet the suppliers of your promotional products. Examine their past, client reviews, item selection, and expertise. You are welcome to ask us any question you have about our products or services.