Best Promotional Merchandise & Ideas For 2020

Nowadays you have to go beyond the regular TV and billboard advertisements if you are to promote your business successfully. You have to figure out more ways to retain your existing customers, attract new ones and maintain the growth of your business. Promotional merchandise and ideas play a huge role in achieving this.

One mistake you should never make if you go down this path is walk into any store and purchase any promotional item hoping that it will deliver your desired results. Your giveaways need to be creatively made, of good quality and useful or else your recipients will not warm up to them. 

Herein, we talk about great promotional items and ideas you can use to turn your promotion into a successful brand campaign in 2020. 

Printed Attire

Clothes, especially branded polos, have for long been used by corporates to reward loyal customers, pass new information to partners and entice prospects. 

Customised and branded polos are a long term marketing tool since your brand will continue receiving attention every time someone wears it.

What particularly makes printed attire an attraction to many businesses is that they are cheap to make, especially when you order in bulk, and come in handy for almost all occasions. You can have them in many sizes, colours and designs, making them a perfect item to gift clients with different preferences. 

Order them from a reliable online promotional products supplier to avoid ending up with low quality, stretchy and easy-to-tear clothes. Other than polos, you can customize caps, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies and even vests with any message you wish.

Safety Equipment

Nothing earns customer loyalty more than the thought that your company cares for them. Giving safety merchandise to your customers or prospects is a gesture that shows you want them to be safe at all times.

There are lots of safety equipment in the market today, ranging from reusable face masks and face shields to hand and surface sanitizers, first aid kits, just to name a few. 

To create a lasting impression, think through your customers ‘daily activities to know what kind of risks they are exposed to then give them a product that matches their needs. 

Office And Writing Equipment

Are you looking for budget-friendly and long-lasting promotional merchandise? Then writing equipment and other office items are your answer. 

Always come up with really unique ideas when choosing office and stationery to avoid giving generic and unexciting gifts. Well-crafted and branded pens, notebooks, calendars, highlighters, pen holders, and even document folders are among the few unique items your recipients can use over and over again in their daily life. 

Your brand’s name or logo is visible when your recipients attend corporate events, sit in their offices and talk to visitors and even when they are away on travel. 

Selected Drinkware

There is no limit to what you can do with drinkware for brand promotion. First of all, you have a wide range of selection that includes and is not limited to travel mugs, water bottles, coasters, ceramic mugs, and vacuum bottles.

These products allow flexibility since you can have them customized to meet different clients’ tastes. They also have adequate space in case you need to personalise your messages. 

You can work with a reliable online promotional products supplier like HappyWay Promotions for ideas on how to customise your drinkware.

Personal Care Products

Have you ever been invited to a wedding expo or beauty pageant and just couldn’t figure out an ideal gift to bring along?  Well, this is a challenge many business people face as well. 

But we find ourselves in such situations because we make the mistake of thinking that promotional merchandise and ideas are only limited to certain items. That should not be the case. 

There are numerous other less common yet perfect items like personal care products well suited for different events and occasions. 

Most people actually need things like nail clippers, pocket mirrors, manicure sets, pillboxes and even massagers but only look for them when the need arises. You can make your clients’ and business associates’ lives easier by giving them these necessities. This assortment of merchandise is so easy to work with since you can print any message you wish to pass along during your promotion.

That said, you might be wondering, where do I get all these promotional merchandise and ideas? Well, we have a perfect answer for that. 

Where To Get Promotional Merchandise & Ideas

Placing orders from the wrong supplier means you could get low-quality attire that fades and stains, pens that spill ink or break easily, travel mugs that can’t keep stuff hot. You also risk late deliveries, wrong sizes and colours…the list of such incidents is endless.

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Also, they have millions of quality promotional products in stock which you can customise to match your desired preferences. To crown it all, they have a reputation for delivering orders on time and just as you wanted it.

Visit their store to explore their selections or get in touch with their team if you need help making finding an ideal item for your campaign.