How To Design Your Company T-shirt With Logo In Australia

Promotional marketing remains one of the best avenues for business to elevate their performance and meet other business goals. For as long as the t-shirts have existed, people have been using them to market and promote their brand. Newer technologies have then emerged and made everything easier. It’s now easier and simpler to design your own t-shirt. 

At Happyway Promotions, for instance, we give you plenty of room for customisation when you order from us. It’s really up to you to decide how you want your promotional t-shirts to look. But if you need extra help, our design teams are always ready to work with you.

Before we look at the design process, here are some compelling reasons why you may want to consider t-shirts for your promotional campaigns. 

Design Your Own T-Shirt To Advertise Your Logo

There are basically three components that define a logo:

  • Illustrations
  • Colour scheme
  • Work space

Graphic illustrations represent your business, from your mission statement and vision to organisational objectives. The colour reflects you and your customer’s personalities merged into one.

The work space dictates the size and visibility of your logo. This is where T-shirts stand out as an advertising channel.

T-shirts provide a large working surface for your logo. The more visible and vibrant your logo is, the more view time it gets. This, in turn, creates a lasting image in the minds of existing and prospective customers.

There’s Virtually No Limit To The Target Audience

Who wouldn’t love a premium quality T-shirt with a cool logo to match? T-shirts fit all types of customer profiles, from old to young. 

They can be worn by your employees on casual workdays. This further reinforces your brand value. Also, t-shirts are great for promotional events. For example, corporate functions, sports and entertainment events.

Large Scale Production And Distribution

As we mentioned earlier, it is relatively cheaper to design your own t-shirt nowadays. The same goes for production and distribution. There was a time when only big companies enjoyed advertising monopoly. Small businesses didn’t invest much in large scale merchandising then. 

But that has since changed. Now you can distribute bulk orders of just about everything at a cheaper cost. T-shirts are convenient, as they can be produced on a large scale in a short time. Especially when you work with a reliable custom t-shirt store.

How To Design Your Own T-Shirt: The Design Process

Before you start to design your own t-shirt, first establish why you want a company T-shirt in the first place.

  • Are you offering a promotional item?
  • Do you want to generate extra revenue from sales merchandising?
  • Do you want excellent giveaways for your clients and gifts for employees?
  • Are you hosting or participating in events inside and outside the company?

When you’ve figured out your area of need, it’s time to include other design elements, which include:

Step 1. Come Up With A budget

Just like with any venture in a business, you must come up with a detailed budget plan for your t-shirt project. You can categorise your budget in terms of:

Quantity - The number of T-shirts you intend to print will have a direct effect on the printing method. For example, for most bulk orders, you may have to use standard printing methods to save on time and resources.

High-quality printing will usually have a small unit area and charge more. Unless you’re a big company working with a big budget, it’s best to consider the printing methods at your disposal.

Spend limit - How much are you willing to spend? If you want high-quality logo prints, you may want to downsize the number of T-shirts you’re printing. It also depends on the event.

For instance, if it’s a large sports event, you’d want to maximise on time and resources. This means you’d pick a standard printing method.

Employee gifts and client giveaways, on the other hand, cover a small number. Employees and clients act like your biggest billboards. You can prioritise high-quality logo prints on T-shirts meant for them

Project timeline - The design process takes up a lot of time. So does printing. When do you need to deliver the T-shirts? It’s important to have a flexible time frame. This is because complications are likely to arise during the design process.

Planning on this during the early conceptual stages will ensure you cover all possibilities. It also ensures you factor in unexpected costs and budget for them.

Step 2. Evaluate Printing Options

There are various printing methods you can choose from to design your own t-shirt. It’s easy for you to get lost trying to make a good decision. The technicalities involved can also put some DIY businesses off.

You can check out your local custom t-shirt store and find out the best pick. Here are four common printing methods you can choose from:

  • Screen printing- Is the most commonly used method for large bulk orders. It’s affordable and convenient.
  • Vinyl graphics- The logo is transferred to the T-shirt by a heat press. More durable, making logo prints fade-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Direct to garment(DTG)- A new way of printing T-shirts using inkjet printers. The logo is printed directly, unlike the other methods where a transfer paper is needed. Best for sample T-shirt designs.

Step 3.Establish The Concept Design And T-shirt Type

Always take the time to design your own t-shirt. Came up with the right design for your business. Include different ideas to come with the best choice. Also think about the type of company t-shirt you want to go with e.g. short and long-sleeved, V-neck, polo etc.

Step 4.  Establish T-Shirt Colour, Style, Imagery and Typography

Your company T-shirt should reflect a sense of professionalism. Business ethics limits the number of texts and visuals to imprint on T-shirts. We recommend that you work with a design team or your online custom t-short store on this. They can help you figure out the best t-shirt customisation and placement for your company logo.

Step 5. Evaluate Your Design

With your design in its last stages of completion, review and make any needed changes.

Step 6. Locate A Printer

You’re now set to take orders and start printing. Consult a reliable online custom t-shirt store to get started.

At Happyway Promotions, this is part of what we do best. In our custom t-shirt store, you will have access to a wide range of promotional t-shirts designed to match your different campaigns. Even though you can design your own t-shirts on our platform, our team will also be on standby to work with you in case you need help. Take this chance to explore our custom t-shirt store for ideas. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.