Eco-Friendly Promotional Travel Mugs The Current Trending Promotional Product

Australia and the rest of the world continue to struggle with heaps of trash from disposable mugs and consumer mugs. For this reason, the use of eco-friendly travel mugs is on the rise. People are now opting for a zero to low waste lifestyle when it comes to having their drinks. This makes these mugs an exceptional promotional gift.

Put simply, a branded eco-friendly travel mug is the best way for you to create brand awareness in an environmentally friendly way. These non -disposable travel mugs are the ideal memorable giveaway. Your clients won’t hesitate to grab one for their trips or daily business.

Here, we look at why you need to consider them for your next promo.


Many promotional products end up unused or in the trash bin. Others are used but just for a short while, contributing to pollution. Such products are not an ideal gift item for a company whose objective is to give away items that create a lasting impression and have a long-term impact. 

Eco -friendly travel mugs are special: they can be used for a long duration and they serve both the recipient and your brand well. Your customer will find it useful for many years to come while your brand will enjoy continued visibility. Every time one reaches out for a sip, the display of your business reaches out to the new eyes and secures the existing ones.


Eco-friendly mugs come with advanced themed designs that are aesthetically pleasing. Some online promotional products suppliers give you the option to choose colours and sizes that are well-favoured by your recipients. 

Many of us will agree that a better way of reaching out to the market is having your stylish logo engraved on a beautiful well-designed mug. 

Each time your prospect holds these mugs in their hands, they remember your business. The design makes those around them admire the cup therefore wanting to know your name and what you are into. And since they are long-lasting, this will not be a one-time affair.

Saves You Money

Unlike other promotional products that wear out or get finished, eco- friendly travel mugs are there to stay. You do not have to keep sending out the products to your customers, partners or staff.

If you get a good design, your recipients will feel the need to carry them everywhere, creating opportunities for your brand to be seen in the process. 

Your target market also has the option of making their tea or coffee from this mug, which saves them some money. This makes them appreciate their usefulness. 

They Are Convenient

Do you prefer your beverage hot or cold? Well, a good eco-friendly mug doesn’t discriminate. You can carry your hot tea or coffee in them or chilled fruit juice. 

They make great gifts especially if your recipients are always on the go. With your mug, they won’t need to fear their coffee going cold or cold juice getting warm. 

Environmentally Friendly

People consume loads of drinks in a single day, leaving behind so much waste. The call to reduce carbon footprint is a great attempt at protecting the environment from such actions. 

Many businesses and individuals have adopted this trend and will not use products that damage their environment. That makes eco-friendly travel mugs a necessity for any environmentally conscious brand.

The fact that they can be used for long means you will be contributing to eliminating littering. 

Where To Get The Eco- Friendly Promotional Travel Cups

The benefits these travel mugs have are many but you need to ensure that you go for the quality ones. Only order them from the best supplier. Work with an online corporate gifting company that understands the market well enough and can help you choose the right mug for all your customers, your prospects and business associates.

Happyway promotions is glad to be your partner in this. We have a wide variety of eco-friendly mugs designs and colours for you to choose from. With our vast knowledge in promotional gifting, we will help you to come up with suitable designs that will accommodate the needs of both your brand and your recipients. Visit our store to explore our collection or give us a call if you wish to learn more about these mugs.