Enhance Brand Awareness With Customised Combo of Face Mask and Hand Sanitiser

Has your product promotions campaign hit a plateau? If yes, worry no more. You can enhance brand awareness with the customised combo of face mask and hand sanitiser. We all know why these particular promotional products in AU are in high demand at the moment. 

Until a solution to the current pandemic is found, we will have to keep using face masks and sanitisers. That includes your customers. Both present the perfect vehicle to market your brand at this time. 

Read on to learn what makes them special and how they enhance brand awareness. 

Low Cost-Effective Marketing

Face masks and hand sanitisers are cheap promotional products, but this should not worry you. More often we associate cheap with poor product quality or marketing results, but this is an exceptional case. The fact that these products are cheap and useful actually makes them very effective for promoting your brand. 

What’s more, they require a very low initial investment yet the returns will be very high, especially if you work with an established promotional products supplier.

Everyone is trying to keep safe during this pandemic. This guarantees that your brand will be exposed to a lot of potential customers.

Boost Brand Recognition

Quick question: Can customers in your industry quickly recognise your logo or brand? If not, then you should put more effort into your promotions campaign. 

You will never go wrong with well-chosen promotional items in your efforts to get your brand the recognition it deserves. The fact that customers love free items is one reason why you should trust this process. 

Brand promotional items are effective for building brand recognition, especially when they are useful, valuable and functional. Products such as hand sanitisers and face masks tick all the three boxes. 

Gift them to your customers and as they keep using them, other people around them will be exposed to your brand. This will have a very positive effect on your business. 

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Showing customers that you care is the most effective way to win their loyalty. Nothing else does this better than safety products. Promotional hand sanitisers and face masks are among the most sought after promotional products in Australia at the moment for this reason. 

Your customers will feel special and cared for if you got them these products too. A word of caution though. Do not make the mistake of sourcing for low-quality products, especially when it concerns safety products. 

Customers using your promotional products will associate the poor quality with your brand. Your business will never recover if they do not receive maximum protection from your masks and sanitisers. But if they do, you will not only win their loyalty but also long-term exposure from them using your products.

Recurrent Advertising

Running regular ads on TV or Radio is just too expensive for many of us. What’s more, traditional methods of advertising do not have the same reach that brand promotional items have. Not only will you get a better deal if you opt for promotional products but you will receive a much higher return on investment.

You can also take advantage of recurrent advertising using promotional products. Your customers will keep using your branded hand sanitisers and face masks as long as the pandemic persists. This will get you more brand awareness. 

In summary, promo items are great for marketing your brand, especially if they have high functionality. Face masks and high sanitisers fit the bill. You will not go wrong with them at this time. Just make sure the ones you get for your campaigns are of good quality and reliable. Our reps at Happyway Promos will be glad to work with you in identifying the best ones for your business and in branding them to match your expectations. Explore our selection or get in touch to learn more.