All You Need To Know About Custom T Shirts In Australia

Custom T Shirts In Australia

Having your own custom t shirts in Australia sends a powerful message to your audience. Besides the actual message that your custom t-shirt design carries, you also shape how your brand is seen by your audience. 

 Today's market needs you to excel in more than just sales. You need to go a step further and interact with your target audience across different touchpoints. Nothing does that better than custom t-shirts. Make sure it has the following qualities:

  • Good quality that one can wear on any day 
  • Awesome design 
  • Compelling message 
  • Resistance to fading 

That aside, there are plenty of things to factor in. In the rest of the article, we talk about every important thing you need to know about custom t-shirts. 

Always Put Your Audience First

Before you order your custom t shirts in Australia, first learn as much as you can about your target audience. I understand that your t-shirt design is a personalised image of everything your brand represents. But let’s forget that this is not solely about you.  

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Whether it's sales or promotions, your custom t-shirt design should reflect what your customers’ likes. Learn what their interests are. Figure out how you can associate their preferences with your brand. 

By putting your audience first, you'll be able to come up with an effective custom t-shirt that immediately relates to anyone who sees it. This is what will define your brand. 

Is Your Custom T-Shirt Design Relevant To Your Business's Interests? 

As mentioned earlier, there's plenty to consider when creating your custom t shirts in Australia. Interestingly, the most important things are the ones that we rarely pay attention to.  

Apart from having your customer's interests at heart, you should take a step back and review your t-shirt design. Yes, it stands out, but does it truly reflect your business's interests?  

An awesome custom t-shirt design with great visual appeal that has absolutely nothing to do with your brand will rarely bring you the results you desire. So, carefully think about how you want to shape your message. A clear message makes it easier for your audience to understand what you're saying.

Go For A Simple Yet Effective Design 

There's no limit to the type of t-shirt design you can choose. Therefore, you must use your creative energy wisely to come up with an effective design for our brand. 

Keep in mind that your design will forever be tied to your brand.  Also, your custom t-shirt design can either make or break your project.  

Our advice is that you go for a simple design that has a bit of everything. From creativity to your business's objectives, your audience should be able to see a clear picture.  


Equally important is the size and placement of your design. Make sure it is of the right size and is visible from all angles i.e. front, side and back.  

You can also create your custom t shirts in Australia based on the occasion. For instance, a promotions event would definitely require vibrant and playful designs. In a corporate event, a custom tee with a more formal design would be great, 

For the best results, focus on a simple design that effectively communicates your intended message to your audience. 

Your Choice Of Fabric Matters

You've finally put your custom t-shirt design together. All that remains is choosing a suitable fabric that matches your tastes. Keep in mind that your choice of fabric will influence other decisions throughout your design project. 

 Your custom t-shirt's quality is not just about visual appeal. It's also about how comfortable it is. The type of fabric you go for has a lot to say about this.  

A poor choice of fabric can really hurt your custom t-shirt's quality. Any design imprints won't look nice as the fabric could have poor dye retention. Poor quality fabric also shrinks after washing.  

Fortunately, there's a pretty large selection of suitable fabrics that will fit any budget.

Your Custom T Shirts Must Cut Across Different Sizes

In your rush to complete your design and begin production, you can easily fail to factor in t-shirt sizes. This takes back to the earlier point that your audience has to come first. Your custom t-shirts are meant for them. 

You should therefore have different sizes so that no one is left out. Can you imagine receiving a custom t-shirt from your favourite brand only to find it doesn't fit? 

Fortunately, you can place a certain audience under one size group e.g. large, extra-large etc. This way, you're assured that everyone who comes into contact with your custom t shirts in Australia won't be disappointed. 

Carefully Consider Your Choice Of Color

During your custom t-shirt design process, most of your decisions will revolve around colour. Colour is everything. Without colour, you would not be able to see and feel the beauty around you.  

The same concept is used in your day to day interactions with your favourite products. Like anything else, you should put your audience first. Remember that colour evokes powerful emotions. 

For instance, red is an appropriate colour for Valentine's day. Therefore, creating custom t-shirts with a red theme is the ideal choice.  

customised t-shirts in Australia

At the same time, colour defines your major decisions i.e your choice of fabric, printing method, fonts and print design.  

A well-balanced colour scheme is crucial to achieving the intended goal for your custom t-shirts in Australia. Your choice of colour should complement all the elements of your brand.  

As you weigh in on the above points, don't approach your custom t-shirt's design on your own. There are plenty of good designers in Australia who can walk you through your custom project. Our team at Happyway Promotions is on standby to help. Visit our store to explore our selection of custom t shirts in Australia and start off the process.