How To Design The Perfect Promotional Pen For Marketing

How To Design The Perfect Promotional Pen For Marketing

Promotional pens remain one of the best ways to market a brand. When designed properly, your recipients will be pleased and this will lead to better brand performance. Such outcomes underscore the need to perfect your promotional campaign. This is what has motivated us to create this guide. In the rest of the article, we show you how to design the perfect promotional pen for marketing. 

What Qualities Do You Need To Consider When Choosing Promotional Pens?

To begin with, first, let’s look at what makes a good promotional pen:

Its Usefulness To The Target Audience

The key question here is, who will benefit most from the promotional product?

When coming up with a promotional plan, always have the buyer personas in mind. Buyer personas help you design the perfect promotional product for your target audience.

A promotional product should be valuable to the customer. It should be a useful and much-needed resource. Custom pens in Australia make a great choice, especially to customers in careers or spaces where they are useful.

Pens can be used at home, work or school. You will hardly go wrong with them if you do your research right.

A Great Design

Promotional products can make or break your brand. A key factor that determines how well or awful they perform is their design With so many design solutions available today, some people take a DIY approach.

While this may work, your desired results are not guaranteed. In today’s competitive market, it’s wise to work with a professional design team in designing your custom pens in Australia. 

The more presentable and durable the pen, the more your brand image is exposed. Great promotional pens will show your value to existing and prospect customers.

Brand Relevance

When contemplating on the best promotional products to use,  think of their relevance. Does the particular product match or relate to your business’s initiatives?

Promotional pens are a great giveaway and can fit most businesses. It’s however, important to generally consider a product’s impact on your immediate target audience.

Steps To Create The Perfect Promotional Pens

Next, let us look at how one can come up with the perfect promotional pens for their campaigns

  1. Have A Good Budget Plan

For you to start and complete any business initiative, you need an effective budget plan. Budgeting involves you figuring out what you’ll spend. Establish the cost that will go into the pen’s design, product purchase, design print and product delivery.

However, note that budgeting for different production stages can be a complex process. We suggest that you work closely with your marketing and accounting teams. 

You can find any hidden costs and work out extra expenses you might expect. This prevents unnecessary expenses and leaves enough room to focus on design and delivery.

  1. Review Your Buyer Personas

Promotional pens are no doubt a great giveaway. But you need to be effective in how you distribute them. As we mentioned earlier, first establish who your target audience is. Thereafter, customise the pens to their tastes.

Next, understand that different customers will come into contact with your brand from different touchpoints. Sales promotion events are a great way to interact with existing and prospective customers.

From here, you can extend your brand advertising further to your online platforms. By recording live testimonials from your customers, online users can relate to the custom pens in Australia as a great promotional product.

  1. Benchmark With Competitor Brands

Take a look at the competition. What promotional products are they using? How are they getting in touch with their clients? What are their design elements? Are they effective? Are the competitors getting any returns on investment?

This can help you create a reference point for your promotional pens. Benchmark and find out what strategies you can apply.

  1. Create Sample Designs

Having samples of your promotional pens helps you have a view of the final piece from all angles. You can work with your design team and come up with a few prototypes.

Review the design elements and make changes where needed e.g. Is your company logo well positioned? Did you choose a good colour scheme? How about the product name and relevant details, like contact and address?

  1. Hire A Design Team

Even though this guideline also targets DIY business owners, it is best to work with experts. There are so many benefits that come with consulting a professional design team.

First, you gain insight into the design process. This helps you choose the best options, come up with a quality product and spend minimal resources in the process.

Secondly, it is not just about putting your logo on a promotional product. There’s a lot to factor in. If you’re opting to use custom pens in Australia, a design team is what you need.

  1. Work With Premium Suppliers

You’ve successfully designed your ideal promotional pens. Your first orders have just arrived. It’s now time to think about how you’re going to distribute them.

While going for a high-quality supplier is costly, it adds worth to the promotional product. Customers relate everything to service. From the production line to delivery.

It’s therefore important to maintain high-quality standards. This ensures the final product doesn’t lose any of its intended value.

In case you still doubt the effectiveness of promotional pens as the perfect marketing items for your campaigns we have assembled more compelling reasons why you need to give them a try. 

Promotional Pens Are Basically Free Advertising

The best thing about promotional pens, is you don’t have to struggle with customer outreach. This is one of the few times customers will physically come into contact with your brand. It’s a great way to create first good impressions and moments of truth(MOTs). These are the key moments that determine whether customers like your brand.

Promotional Pens Are Cost-effective

It costs you next to nothing to come up with a promotional pen. They’re basically giveaways, so you don’t incur extra costs when distributing. You can also stock up on promotional pens as they don’t have expiry dates. This means that whatever you didn’t give out can always be used at a later time.

Promotional Pens Are A Good Way To Tap Into Different Audiences

Promotional advertising has many benefits. You can explore a completely different area of business. Let’s say you’re a software development company. By issuing out custom pens in Australia as your promotional items, you can attract different clients e.g. tech universities and learning institutes. 

Custom pens in Australia are generally great for advertising businesses in Australia. Just make sure you have designed them right and worked with experts in distributing them as well. The benefits will be endless for your business.