Learn The Basics Of Personalised Drink Bottles For Adults

personalised Drink Bottles For Adults


The average working adult goes through a normal day while giving very little thought to the importance of staying hydrated. This alone is enough to make you consider personalised water bottles for adults

When was the last time you stayed constantly hydrated throughout your workday? Remember, coffee breaks don't count! In fact, coffee dehydrates you and saps the little water in your body. A smoothie isn't the perfect substitute either. You need a regular intake of fresh, clean water. 

Many adults will only bother to take frequent sips of water if you provide them with a convenient solution. That's where personalised water bottles come in. The benefits are endless. 

Water Bottles Are A Much-needed Accessory 

Water bottles come in handy, whether you're at work or even at home. Going for an early morning run or workout session at the gym? A water bottle can be your perfect companion. Even at the office, you can have a classy water bottle right next to you. 

Personalised Drink Bottles For Adults

Personalised Drink Bottles For Adults Are Convenient

Without a water bottle on a hot sunny day, you will have to drink at the local fountain or buy bottled water. At the office, you will have to use disposable cups when you lack your own bottle. These are just a few instances to show you how convenient personalised drink bottles for adults can be. All you need is to refill it from a trusted source and you will be good to go.  

Water Bottles Are Cheap To Produce And Customize

Of all the products that businesses use for promotional marketing and advertising, water bottles count among the cheapest. In the case of personalised water bottles for adults, all you have to do is find the most suitable option, customise it and place your order. In bulk, the cost will be even lower. 

The customizations are equally cheap. This makes personalised water bottles a must-have if you are looking for a cheaper yet effective way to promote your brand or product. 

So how do you go about getting the best-personalised water bottles for adults? That’s what we will be discussing next.

How To Get The Best Personalised Drink Bottles For Adults

Consult With Your Marketing Team 

Together with your marketing team, you can come up with the perfect personalised water bottles for adults. So set aside some time to discuss how your water bottle will look like, the material to be used, who to target, and so on.  

Keep in mind that “adult” is just a general term. People have different needs and preferences. For instance, there's the working adult, stay at home adult, gym enthusiast. There's also the outdoor type. The list goes on. All of them have unique needs and preferences that you have to factor in while personalising your bottles. 

Having all that information in mind will help you have a clear map of how you'll channel your water bottle's design from start to finish. You can also decide whether you want to target a specific adult group or several adult groups. 

Think Of The Bottle's Design

How you design your bottle will partly determine whether recipients like it. Remember to take into consideration your target audience's preferences. 

Another tip is to embrace contemporary designs that appeal to normal adults. The concept design for your water bottle should be professional and classy, yet fun and trendy at the same time. Whether it's at home, at work or the gym, your recipients should not feel out of place as they walk around with your water bottle. 

Also, consider the type of material you'll use. The most common materials are:


Plastic water bottles are common and can be very attractive if the design is done right. Also, they can be used throughout the day for all kinds of activities. On top of that, they are durable and can be reused for a long time. 


Metal water bottles are classy and would be perfect if you're targeting the always-on-the-move group. Not only are they strong but also carry a shiny appeal. Metal, however, dents easily. If you accidentally dropped a metal water bottle from a great height, it could easily get deformed. 


When you're targeting the outdoorsy or gym adult, this is the perfect material for you. Polycarbonate is really strong and meant to withstand action-packed events like sports events and workout sessions. 

Customizations And Logo Placement 

No personalised water bottle for adults would be complete without customizations. Think of what an average adult would find unique in a water bottle. Something that would increase the water bottle's functionality and add extra aesthetic appeal. 

Custom lanyards, for instance, are a great addition to your personalised water bottle. Lanyards are classy and make anything look good. Adults can easily walk around with their water bottles without it feeling like extra weight. 

Bottle caps are another great addition. Especially those that let the user draw water into the mouth without having to open the bottle. Since they are detachable, adults can take water in small amounts. Caps are also hygienic as bacteria can easily accumulate in the ridges found on bottle openings. 

You need to carefully think about your company name and logo placement, plus any other important details as well. These are the selling points that will further convince your target group why your personalised water bottles are the best. 

Water bottles generally are a great way to win over your target audience. Matching your audience's tastes with something as precious as water tells them how much you care about their health and well-being. 

Work Out The Cost Estimates

Now that you've properly figured out all areas of your design, it's time you calculated the estimated cost. This will help you come up with a good budget plan. 

Good luck turning your marketing around with personalised water bottles for adults!