Why Businesses Need Promotional Drink Coasters Campaign For Advertising

For a long time, promotional drink coasters have been given as freebies in successful marketing campaigns. They are known for brand visualization and their long-lasting effect on people who come across beautifully crafted ones. 

It is no doubt then that your business needs them during your next event or advertising campaign. If you are still on the fence, wondering if coasters are the solution to your ineffective promotional marketing campaigns, read on. 

This article highlights a couple of reasons why you need them. Not just for your campaigns but events and other promotional marketing activities. 

Promotional Drink Coasters Build Customer Loyalty

Not many of us enjoy customer loyalty.  If your customers can barely recognize your products, such a feat will be even harder to achieve. 

To change that, you need to give them something that triggers their memories. A product that keeps them from being distracted by other similar products. And this is so easy when you work with a trustworthy promotional products supplier.  

Not only are they going to supply you with custom promotional drink coasters; they will also suggest compelling messages you can put on your promotional drink coasters for optimum results. 

Personalised Marketing

Personalised marketing has so many benefits. It drives sales, builds customer loyalty, increases engagement,  promotes awareness..the list goes on.

Personalising your promotional drink coasters is one way to add a personal touch to them. This will have the effect of making the recipient feel special and valued. 

Here’s the best part. Promotional drink coasters are available in many materials and designs. You can customise them, complete with a personalized message that features your intended recipients. 

Having a client’s name or any other personal detail on a custom coaster makes them appreciate your product or services even more. This will bring them closer to your business, making them feel special to you and your business.

Promotional Drink Coasters Create A Long-Lasting Impression

With so many businesses trying to lure more clients through giveaways, it is only wise for you to select one that creates a lasting impression. Promotional drink coasters are your answer to that.

Beautifully crafted coasters will catch the eyes of anyone who steps into a room where they are in use. Their uniqueness and multi-purpose nature make them hard to forget. People who see your customer using one will not forget your brand name or logo soon.

Plus, they can be used for many purposes, giving your recipients reason to continue using them. And since coasters do not go bad, they have a higher chance of being seen by many other people associated with your client. 

Free Advertising

Forget about the initial budget used to acquire promotional drink coasters for a minute. Think about the level of advertising you will gain from it. You will hardly come across an effective and cheap promotional item that has the impact coasters have. 

Other than the budget you set aside to order, collect and distribute your coasters, there are no other expenses tied to it. Now let’s think about the gains you will enjoy from their use. From increased brand awareness, improved customer loyalty and more sales to better brand recognition and competitive advantages. 

That aside, the durability associated with quality promotional drink coasters makes them last for ages. What this means is that they will advertise your brand every time someone uses one.


As mentioned earlier, coasters come in a variety of designs and materials. This makes it easy to customize them according to your recipients’ preferences. 

You may decide to go get those that can cover drinks. You can also order those that keep the table from drink marks. Others are designed to keep surfaces from burns. 

With so many varieties available, it means your customer could be using your promotional drink coasters at any given time. And the more use your customers find in your gift, the better the results of your marketing campaign will be. 

Remember, freebies work by spreading the word about your products and services to as many people as possible. This means the more someone uses your promotional drink coasters, the higher the number of people who are going to see your brand’s name or logo. 

Improve Customer Relationship

Any business is bound to feel the loss when there are no repeat customers. Repeat customers keep using more and more products from your brand, keeping you afloat. 

Apart from that, they also tell others about you, expanding your customer base. However, it is obvious that retaining customers can be as hard as acquiring new ones. The good news is, you can use promotional drink coasters to foster a good relationship with the ones you have on board, encouraging their loyalty. 

Start by issuing well designed and brand coasters to them. To further win their attention, add personalized messages that will make them feel valued by your business. This way, you won’t have to worry about them moving to your competitors.

In summary, promotional drink coasters are a strong marketing tool you can count for great marketing results. The trick here is to source them from a reliable promotional merchandise supplier. This way, you will not only get many unique designs to pick from but also get expert advice on how to best brand your items for the best results. You are welcome to visit our store at Happyway Promotions and see the different varieties we offer.