Promotional Merchandise & Ideas For Your Next Virtual Event

Technology has revolutionised interactions and businesses are among the greatest beneficiaries.  It is now possible to interact with your customers from anywhere across the globe. Factors like Covid-19 have further shown us the need to embrace virtual interactions and related technologies. 

Virtual events are now a thing. Many businesses today use Zoom, Google Meet, social media and other platforms to run virtual events. You can now use virtual events to sell your brand online through these platforms. 

And just like with real physical events, your brand needs to stand out. Everything you offer should create a great impression if you are to convert attendees into customers. 

Your promotional merchandise should be unique and handy or it will be forgotten right after the event.

But with so many online promotional products suppliers today, each claiming to be the best, choosing the right one and then selecting proper gift items thereafter can be an overwhelming process. 

A wrong gift company or gift could cost you customers and to an extent your reputation.

To help you promote your brand well for your next virtual meeting, we have shared a few tips you will want to consider when making your selections and some promotional merchandise and ideas you will never go wrong with.

Factors To Consider


Making sales through gifting is a concept that has been around for ages. This means your prospects have received many gifts in their lifetime and probably have boxes full of unused gifts. If you are to capture their attention, you will need something they find unique. Avoid generic giveaways since those do not cause excitement amongst your recipients.

Your Targeted Recipients

Virtual events attract all manner of prospects. You could be meeting people from a specific industry or a gathering of people from multiple industries. Your chosen merchandise should satisfy the interests of the attendees. You may send the wrong message if you gift items that do not match the recipients. 

For example, giving a kitchen asset to someone in the construction industry might be welcome but they might not find use in it.


Your gift can have a huge impact on your marketing budget. Think about the processing, storage and distribution. Find affordable and useful items to give and do not compromise quality. It is important to note that expensive doesn’t automatically mean good quality and vice versa.

Suitable Gifts For Your Virtual Event

With those three factors in mind, we rounded up a few suggestions for you. You can create a virtual event giveaway contest where the winner receives these items.  You can also give them to your virtual attendees as a thank you.  Another option is to send out the gifts in advance so that attendees can log into the meeting with them, further promoting your brand. Think of more creative ways to gift your chosen items. 

Electronic Calendar And Clear Pen Holder

A good number of people attending virtual meetings have most probably had ordinary pens gifted and delivered to them so giving them one will not have that desired impact.

If you are thinking about a unique item of similar nature, a pen holder is your saviour. One modified to serve more purposes will do better as your recipients will find the need to place it on their desks. You can get one with a calendar such that they will constantly refer to it before they plan their schedules.

Power Bank

Almost everyone today owns a smartphone and other gadgets that need constant charging. A power bank, therefore, comes in handy for all of us. 

Connect its use to your virtual event. Let them know this is exactly what they need to attend your virtual event from anywhere without worrying about their battery running out. 

When travelling, adventuring or in a situation where a power bank is the only option that can power their gadgets, the recipients will be reminded of your brand and how you gifted them a useful item. 

The portability of power banks makes them good merchandise since people carry them around easily. This works for your brand as they can share them with others, making more people see your name.

Foldable Mobile Phone Stand

Virtual meeting platforms are all-inclusive. People can still join in through their mobile phones when laptops and desktops are not an option. But using a mobile phone is a bit strenuous, especially if you have to hold it with one arm. 

This is where foldable mobile phone holders come in. You can design them to fit the pockets of your intended recipients so that they can use them when the need arises. They make a strong marketing tool since many people will continue using them even when not attending a meeting with you, making your brand seen.

Wireless Mouse

A promotional gift will not have any impact if your recipients do not find it useful. But those that solve certain problems for them will be well received. A cordless mouse fits this class here. 

Your virtual attendees using laptops and desktops will definitely love and find a quality cordless mouse useful.

Since more people work from anywhere today, it is not uncommon to see someone working on their way to work or in a doctor’s waiting room. A corded mouse makes this harder since it keeps getting entangled. Also, it spoils faster, especially from constant pulling. 

A wireless one on the other hand is neat and your recipients will have no trouble putting it in and out of their bags.  

There is no limit to what you can give for your next virtual meeting. All you need to do is work with a reliable online gifting company in identifying proper promotional merchandise and ideas for your virtual events. Our customer reps at Happyway Promotions can help you choose a suitable gift and customise it to meet your special needs. Visit our online store to explore our range.