Promotional Pen And Writing Instruments For Your Next Expo

Choosing classy branded pens and writing instruments as promotional merchandise for your next expo is a gift idea you will never go wrong with. A study, stylish, customized pen will benefit your brand in so many ways while leaving a great impression on the recipient. 

It’s said that a single pen reaches seven other users and is less likely to be returned when borrowed. So, there is a good chance that the pen will be a walking billboard if well gifted. It will not be limited to your clients, prospects, and business associates but will change hands and remain seen for long. 

 Nearly all of us would love to hold and use a custom pen or other writing instruments, which makes it a perfect gift item for your next expo. They are in fact one of the few consistent and popular promotional products. 

Below we give you more reasons why you should use pens and writing instruments for your promotional campaigns and show you where to find the best ones. 

Why Pens And Writing Make Good Gifts      

Very Useful

Nearly all tall tasks in a business setup require writing. Everyone reaches out for a pen at any place in any moment whether it is to write something down or put their signature down. 

It is one of the few things that won’t find their way into a drawer full of unused stuff because of their utility. 

You want to make sure that the pen is not replaceable. A pen that smears its ink causing a mess will ruin your reputation and people won't find a need for it after the expo. 

For your brand to stand out, customised sturdy pens that are of high-quality guarantee recipients' satisfaction. 


We all desire a promotional product that is effective and affordable at the same time. Pen and writing instruments tick all the boxes, which makes them perfect for any purpose. 

Buying branded pens and other writing instruments is cost-friendly since they require less raw materials and time. They are also easy to carry around and distribute, saving you logistical costs. 

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Great Visibility

Is there any other promotional product that is more visible than a pen with a unique design and subtle branding? You will definitely notice one when you come across it. 

People will want to know more about your brand as soon as they see a well-branded solid and professional writing instrument. Due to their versatility, people will be reaching out to use your pen even after the expo, meaning your brand sensitization won't stop. 

They Provide Real Value

Compared to their size and other processing and distribution costs, customized pens and writing instruments give back their value almost instantly. 

Since everyone needs a pen, your gift will be put to use as soon as the recipient receives it. Unlike other products which cost you a lot and end up being stored away, pens are instant marketers. 

Getting one that lasts does you more good since more and more prospects see it each time your recipient uses it. 

Where To Buy Custom-Designed Pens And Writing Instrument Online In Australia 

It’s easy to find yourself sourcing pens and writing instruments from a wrong online promotional products supplier. There’s plenty of them nowadays but only a few provide quality customized products at affordable prices. 

For your expo to be a success, you will need to work with a reputable corporate gift company. 

At Happyway Promotions, we take pride in having helped many like you find affordable customized quality pens and writing instruments. We supply the most comprehensive range of custom promotional merchandise and gifts that can be tailored to the needs of your expo. 

What’s more, you can customize the pen and writing instruments we offer for your promotional campaign with exemplary designs. Our customer representatives will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have the best shopping experience. They will guide you through the designs available and help you pick the right one for your target recipients. 

Visit our store to explore our range of affordable promotional pens and writing instruments for your next expo.