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Company events are inevitable. From seminars and conferences to tradeshows and expos, you will keep organizing one after the other. You can make the most out of these events by promoting your brand. 

Of the many promotional ideas you can use, customised polos top the list of those that will not burn a hole in your pocket yet have the potential to deliver impressive marketing results for your brand.

Promotional polos can be worn by your personnel or gifted to your attendees. You could also get creative by issuing them as rewards during your event.

But Why Polos?

In this article, we break down several reasons why polos should be your go-to promotional products for your corporate events. Here’s why. 

Polos Are Affordable

Very few businesses can afford TV and radio Ads, Print Ads, billboards and other traditional advertising methods. There’s also the cost of coming up with Ads for these platforms. 

Promotional polos do not dig deep into your pockets. No matter your budget, you can afford them. You also have access to a wide range of options when it comes to design, colour and sizes. 

What’s more, you can customise polos to your recipient’s liking without spending a fortune. You can also purchase them in bulk, making the whole affair affordable.

You Get Widespread Brand Visibility

Giving out quality printed polos is a long term investment. Your recipients will continue to wear them long after the event is done. They become walking billboards, carrying your brand’s logo or whatever message you have everywhere they go. 

Since polos are a casual clothing wear, they can wear them to social events, family gatherings and even community affairs. The trick is to come up with irresistible designs and your recipients will do the rest, exposing your brand to so many other people.

Polos Are Versatile

Among customized attire for brand promotion, polos steal the show because they can be worn for any occasion. A good polo can be paired with a nice pair of trousers, shorts and even skirts depending on the wearer’s preferences. 

They can comfortably be worn outdoors as well as indoors and for corporate gatherings or social activities. 

You can rest assured that your personnel will look great too in them as a uniform during your event, creating a well-established impression.

They Are Comfortable

Do you wish to give your event a corporate feel? You do not have to go with the choking shirt collars and ties. Professionally designed polos with stiff collars will do the trick. They are comfortable and easy to work in. 

Your employees will thank you at the end of the event if they do not have to work in stiff coats to create a good impression for your brand. Your recipients, on the other hand, will treasure your customised polos since they can wear them to any occasion. 

How To Buy Promotional Polos

Before you go ahead and purchase promotional polos for your event, you need to consider the following factors. 

The Number Required

Like with any other promotional merchandise, buying in bulk saves you a lot of resources. So, before venturing out to buy polos for your company, think about the number you want. It will help to count your staff and other attendees to maximise the opportunity.

Available Options

Your recipients will have preferences. Some will want their polos bright-coloured while others are comfortable with neutral colours. Some will love stiff collared polos as compared to low cut dipping necklines. 

This is the conversation you need to have with your online promotional products supplier. Make sure you are armed with all the relevant customer or employee data and information. Have your supplier take you through all the available options to avoid limiting your promotional campaigns.

Your Supplier

Behind every successful promotion, there’s a competent corporate gift company. This underlines the need to carefully vet your candidates before you place your orders. Failure to choose wisely could see you face huge losses resulting from getting the wrong sizes or the supplier delivering long after your event is done.

Happyway Promotions is one of the online promotional products suppliers you can trust to meet all your expectations. We have customer reps who will help you choose correct polo designs and colours that complement your brand while finding use among your recipients. They will also provide you with helpful tips when customising your give way polos. Our goal is to ensure your business enjoys great visibility from our products and your recipients feel valued and satisfied by the same items. 

Visit our store to explore our selections or call us if you need help choosing promotional polos for your next event.