How To Select The Right Printed Pen For Your Marketing Campaign

printed pen

As a business, investing in the right item for your marketing campaign can be a game-changer. Pens are undoubtedly one of the best items you can invest in, holding both promotional and sales value. If you're looking for the perfect marketing strategy, printed pens may just be what you need.  

There's no limit to your customer outreach. Unlike other promotional products and items that cover a smaller audience, pens are extremely versatile. Name one formal situation where a pen would not come in handy. Absolutely none, right? 

If normal pens are frequently used by just about anyone, can you imagine how much value a customized printed pen would have? All that remains is figuring out the right type of well-printed and designed pens for your marketing campaign. Read on to find out. 

Think Of Your Target Audience 

Kick start your promotional marketing campaign by first figuring out who your audience is. What do they like and dislike? What are their pain points? 

This helps you have detailed background knowledge and create effective buyer personas. Just because printed pens are great marketing items doesn't mean everyone will be immediately interested.  Buyer personas will help you know how useful a custom printed pen would be to your target audience.  

For your gift to be relevant, narrow down to an audience that finds them useful and also relates to your business or is genuinely interested in what you do e.g. learning institutions, medical facilities etc. 

Consult A Professional Designer

Now that your buyer personas are set, it's time to bring your printed pen to life. Because marketing is a technical area, it is best if you work hand in hand with the experts. 

Seek professional guidance from a good designer. Together with your marketing team, you can explore different print pen designs. This is the concept stage of your printed pen project. 

 The wonderful thing is, there are so many companies that manufacture excellent printed pens. And there's a pretty large selection of pens for you to choose from as well. You will literally be spoilt for choice. This is where a professional designer can come in and help you refine your choices. 

Consider Your Pen's Shape, Color And Type 

Printed pens come in all sorts of shapes, colour and type. It's one of the reasons why pens are a great marketing tool. Your designer will prove very helpful throughout your marketing campaign. Most of your marketing strategies will revolve around your pen's visual and physical design. 

printed pens

Custom printed pens can have unique shapes that appeal to different customers. Your buyer personas should help you figure out what shape a particular audience would like. For instance, a printed pen with a cap that's shaped like a coffee mug can be a favourite for corporate work environments. 

Colour will also play a vital role in your choice of printed pens. In any situation, colour expresses more than visual appeal. Colour can affect your mood or personality, either positively or negatively. Choosing printed pens with a great colour scheme is a definite selling point for your marketing campaign. 

Consider what kind of printed pen you want for your marketing campaign as well. Do you want a pen with a simple design? How about personalized parker pens? You can explore printed pens manufactured from different materials. 

Think Of Your Pen's Print Design 

You need to pick the best print design that matches both you and your audience's preferences. There are plenty of ways to approach this. 

You can decide to go for text imprints. Text imprint designs are cheaper to print, more elaborate and give your pen a sleek and professional finish. For instance, you can include the company name, logo and relevant details. 

 Text imprints also allow you to work with a larger part of your pen's original colour. This gives you the opportunity to create a good level of contrast, enhancing your pen's visual appeal. Use a font colour that complements your pen's original colour design. 

 You could also go for a multicoloured design. Printed pens with trendy designs are very attractive and easily stand out. 

Release Test Copies

By now, it's safe to assume you have more than one awesome print design. This is in fact a great opportunity for you to invest in different audiences.

For instance, you can market printed pens with a more formal print design to students, professionals and tradesmen. Printed pens with edgy print designs could be suitable for corporate events, social gatherings etc. 

Releasing test copies of your printed pens will help you gauge your audience's reaction.  Make needed adjustments as you proceed with your marketing campaign.  

In summary, you will only come up with perfect printed pens for your campaigns or events if you take the time to factor in all the aspects we have discussed. Some may seem more complex than others. But don’t let that discourage you. Simply speak to your chosen online promotional products supplier for help.