The Different Promotional Safety Products Online For Your Business

Companies that gift safety products to their customers, employees or stakeholders usually come out as caring. Recipients will see that you seriously mind their health, especially if the products are of good quality and fit for their unique situations. Today, there is a wide range of safety products on the market. We take a look at some of the different perfect safety products you can use in your promotional campaigns.

Reusable Cotton Face Mask

A huge portion of the Australian population is conscious about their health. In addition to maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, the majority focus on preserving their health through any means possible. Harmful elements can easily find their way into our body systems through the respiratory tract and your customers are aware of that. 

This gives you a reason to invest in reusable cotton masks as a promotional product. The COVID-19 pandemic has even made these masks more necessary than ever. 

Our reusable cotton masks are the perfect promotional product for customers who are keen on protecting their respiratory system in the best way possible. Here’s why you should consider them:

  • We give you the option to choose from a wide range of colours like light blue, dark blue, black and pink.
  • We can customise your masks by adding your logo through heat printing. This makes them unique to your brand.
  • Don’t worry about the size. Our masks are fitted with elastic over-ear straps. All your customers will be able to use the masks regardless of their head size.
  • Our masks are made of skin-friendly cotton that is ultra-soft. Your customers won’t even notice that they are wearing a mask since our product is very delicate on the face.

Odin Protective Face Shield

The COVID pandemic has made many of us aware of how vulnerable we are to pathogens and harmful airborne elements. Those who are extra conscious about their health have made a point of looking for simple yet effective solutions to protect them from the dangerous airborne elements in the environment.

The Odin protective face shield is one of the most effective safety promotional products that you can offer to your customers to show you care about their health. 

Named after the all-powerful Viking god, this face shield will offer your customers 180 wide-range protection against environmental hazards such as saliva, dust, splashes and contaminated droplets.

What’s more, the material the face shield is made from is completely fog-proof. This means that visibility won’t be hindered while your users are using the Odin protective face shield as a protective item. 

Zinc Alloy Hygienic Key

    Harmful pathogens such as bacteria that cause harmful diseases are usually transmitted from surfaces that a lot of people come in contact with. Examples include door handles, elevator buttons and office telephones.

    Many people, your customers included, cannot avoid touching these kinds of surfaces since they have to use them on a day to day basis. So, is there a promotional product that can protect your clients from contaminated surfaces?

    Zinc alloy hygienic key is the perfect solution for this. Our selections have an ergonomic design that makes it easy for your clients to push buttons, open doors and even turn levers. What’s more, it is light and easy to carry on your keychain.

    The best thing about our hygienic key is that it is made from 260 zinc alloy that kills harmful germs in under four hours.

    UV Phone Sterilizer

    We all love our phones. They serve as portable computers that allow us to keep in contact with our loved ones and make life generally easier. However, our phones can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria since they often come into contact with different surfaces in the course of the day.

    The UV phone sterilizer is one of our fastest selling promotional products, with good reason. It utilizes cutting edge UV technology to quickly sanitize your phone killing up to 99% of the bacteria on it.

    What’s more, you are not limited to cleaning only your phone with it. You have the option of cleaning your masks, watches and jewellery.

    Your customers would definitely find such a gift irresistible. 

    You are less likely to go wrong with safety products for your promotional campaigns. And since the majority are regularly used items, you will gain massive brand exposure. At Happyway Promotions, we have a wide range of safety products in our catalogue that you can incorporate in your own product promotion campaign. The products we have looked at in this article represent a fraction of what we have to offer. You can check out our store to explore our selections or contact us if you need help finding the perfect safety product for your business.