Top 10 Trending Promotion Product Australia 2021

Studies have shown that more than 73 percent of people use promotional items at least once a week. That alone shows you why promotional items in Australia should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Use of promotional products as a marketing strategy is an age-old strategy you can still count on to grow your brand. It is an option many resort to to meet their marketing and business goals. 

With the perfect promotional item, the list of benefits your business will enjoy is endless. From brand recognition and growth to more sales and consumer loyalty. 

For the best results, we recommend that you capitalise on the most popular and trendy promotional items in the market. To get you started, today we share what we found to be the top trending promotional products in Australia.

Hygiene & Healthcare Products [Most Relevant Promotional Items In Australia Now]

Health and hygiene products top our list of trending promotional items in Australia for obvious reasons. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Because of this, people are still very conscious of their health and hygiene. As a result, they have picked up habits like washing and sanitising our hands.

Various health and hygienic products have become essential. Using these products to market your business would be brilliant! You can always check out store for more gift ideas beyond sanitisers and masks.

Exercise Fitness Products

Most of us are out of shape after being in quarantine. But, like any other start to a new year, people have resolved to burn off those extra pounds and get into shape!

As a business owner, using fitness promotional products for promotions is a no-brainer. Items like yoga mats and exercise bands trending promotional items in Australia you should capitalise on.

Outdoor Products

After the lock-down, most people are eager to get back to their outdoor pursuits. Activities like hiking, camping, skiing, sunbathing, surfing will be on the rise as the year progresses. For this reason, consider using outdoor promotional items in Australia for your campaigns and events.

There is a wide range of products to choose from in this category. Examples include umbrellas, blankets, folding chairs, balls, hats, bags, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.

Office Station Products

Office products are the promotional items in Australia you can always count on, no matter the season. There is a high chance that most people will go back to work at their offices. But even as they work from home, they will find such items useful and valuable.

Office products like pens, notebooks, post-it pads, and coffee mugs can be great promotional items for your business. You can invest in these items for the long term.

Organisational Products

People will always need organisational products, be it in the office or at home. Using organisational items as promotional products guarantees excellent brand recognition.

Examples of organisational products that continue to serve as perfect promotional items in Australia include drying racks, baskets, containers, boxes, tray and cabinet organisers, etc. 

Associating your business to feel-good products such as these is the best way to go for a business that wants to build customer loyalty as well.

Kitchen & Cooking Products

Most people still can't eat out as much as they might like to during this period. Restaurants and bars are still only operating but at low capacity. 

Due to this, kitchen and cooking products are on-demand as people dive back into their kitchens. Cooking and kitchen promotional products would be great for a time such as this.

Top trending promotional items in Australia under this category include measuring cups, spatulas and chopping boards. They would be perfect for your event or promotional campaign.

Eco-friendly Products

There is a rise in the use of eco-friendly products as promotional items in Australia by businesses. This can be attributed to an increase in demand for more environmentally friendly products from consumers.

Actually, the increase in green fever among customers makes them favour eco-friendly organisations

Eco-friendly products can be anything from reusable food wraps and shopping bags to eco pens, pads, and notebooks.

Using green product promotion methods is an excellent way to market your brand. Eco-friendly promotional products allow people to associate with your brand positively. They help cultivate good public opinion.

Portable And Wireless Tech Products [ Trendiest Promotional Items In Australia]

Wireless products are becoming increasingly popular as more people drop cards and cables. This explains the rise in the use of wireless and portable tech promotional items in Australia.

If you haven't started to use tech products to market your business, now is the time to do so.

Many portable and wireless items are used all the time. People carry them around and use them on a daily basis. Using them as product promotional tools, therefore, gives your business good coverage.

Also, customers prefer them to other promotional products out there. People would much rather receive tech promotional products than T-shirts or pens. Tech gadgets are considered cool and fashion-forward. 

Popular portable and wireless products you can use for this purpose include ear pods cases, power banks and USB flash drive bracelets. Other great options include phone cases and stands, wireless selfie sticks, and customised flash drives.

Local Products

Any business promoting local trades and businesses is endearing to people. And here’s the best part. Using local promotional items in Australia will pique people’s attention. Australia has a wealth of local merchandise to fit your different needs and purposes. Finding local promo products won't be hard.

Co-branded Retail Products

Quality will always win over quantity. People have an appetite for high-quality products. They will quickly spot fake products. So how can you use this to your advantage?

In our experience, it is advisable to co-brand your products with multiple high-end retail brands. The benefit of co-branding is that people can quickly sum up the value of your merchandise, deeming your products and brand favourable.

In summary, promotional items in Australia should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Keeping up with the trends will help you identify the most effective items to use for your events, campaigns and other purposes.

Remember to always go for promotional items that are useful. You don't want to give people products they'll just as easily throw away once your back is turned. You can have a few or just one major promotional product. 

Also, ensure you choose a product that best suits your business type. It should help people remember and associate the product with your brand. Most importantly, don't try to cut corners by going for low-quality merchandise. This can destroy your business. 

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