Trending Corporate Gifts & Staff Rewards Shopping Guide For Christmas 2020

The Christmas season is here with us and one of its hallmarks is the exchange of gifts among friends and family. If you run a business, this is an opportunity to gift your customers, prospects and even employees. Doing so strengthens business relations and is a strong form of brand sensitization.

Since almost everyone is receiving gifts, you have to make sure that yours creates a huge impression amongst your recipients. Failure to do so will be a waste of resources as your gift could be dumped even before Christmas is over. 

You do not want that. Read this article for guidance on trending gifts and staff rewards for the Christmas season  in order to achieve both good interaction and for successful marketing.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Christmas Gift

Determine Your Budget

People often get carried away by the need to give luxurious gifts which may be too expensive. That doesn’t have to be the case as there are countless affordable gift options suitable for corporates. 

Remember your reason for gifting this season is to market your brand and get some conversion in the long run. Therefore, you need to think about logistics including the budget you have, the time needed to complete the gift and even transportation required.

Search For Items Online

Gift hunting is never easy. You move from one shop to the other, see all nice things but cannot remember where it is you saw the one you liked most. Physically searching for what to give to your business associates this Christmas will exhaust you or you might just abandon the whole affair and buy the first item you find. 

However, today the internet has changed that. You can visit many online shops from the comfort of your home and comfortably compare pricing. Online shops are efficient especially since you can engage them to find out more about an item you are interested in.

Understand Your Recipients

Your Christmas corporate gift this year will only matter if the recipients find it useful. That is why you need to do a little survey on the likes, preferences and habits of those you intend to surprise. Before selecting the gift, think of how it is going to benefit them and how often they might have to use it. Rarely used gifts may be appreciated but will not do any justice to your campaign since there will be little visibility.

Consider The Ease Of Customization

Personalising gifts makes your customers, employees and partners feel part of your business. Whether these are names or short messages, putting a few words out there ensures that the recipients use your gift more often. 

Other than messages, people appreciate corporate fits that match their preferences in terms of minor things like size, colour, design and even shape. Ensure the item you settle for allows you flexibility with all these things such that you will please a majority of your recipients and keep them using your gifts for ages.

Trending Gifts For Your Customers And Staff This Christmas

Here are some irresistible corporate gifts and staff rewards you will never go wrong with during this christmas season:

 Toiletry Bag

People travel a lot during this holiday and a customised gift or reward that helps through their journey is always welcome. A well designed toiletry bag might be exactly what you need to give to put a smile on your recipients’ faces.

 It is versatile and can be used to carry different things from toothbrushes, shampoo, and deodorant to sunscreen and shavers… the list goes on. Ordering from a reliable online gift supplier gives you leeway to customise them with your brand message, creating awareness everywhere your customers go.


There is no rush during Christmas and you will find people enjoying their favourite drinks with family and friends. Therefore, giving coasters to your staff as a reward for the hard work this year is a great idea to keep your business in their minds at all times. 

They can be used to protect table tops from dripping cups and glasses or to even cover unfinished drinks around the table. Coasters come in many materials shapes and designs, allowing you to get just the right one according to your recipients’ preferences. 

A well-crafted coaster will be hard to ignore when people use it in a crowd.

Portable Power Bank

Due to internet accessibility, people spend too much time on their gadgets. This won’t be different during the festive season as they will want to take pictures, call friends and family, share memories by sending pictures and videos or even monitor their work remotely. You can support whatever activity they are into by giving them a power bank to carry with them. Power backs are affordable and will serve your customers for a long time. Since they are accrued everywhere, your brand’s presence will be felt every time they are used.

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