What Online Toys & Party Products To Buy This Holiday Season?


Successful businesses put the consumers at the centre of their promotional marketing. Using the right promotional product at the right time will win the loyalty of your customers. Applying this to the current times means finding perfect merchandise and gifts for the holiday season. Our focus today is on toy and party products.

During the holidays, most people have a lot of free time on their hands, especially the kids who are at home for the summer holiday. A perfect toy for your customers who are parents will earn you their praise and even loyalty. 

This is also the time when people host so many parties, from birthdays to family get-togethers. You could add more fun to their parties by gifting them items that spice up the vibe or add to the entertainment during these events. 

In this article, we show you some toy and party products you will never go wrong with. They include:

Mini Pig Shaped Piggy Bank

This promotional product is perfect for customers who have children. It helps them teach their kids the value of saving. 

The mini piggy bank is made of durable plastic with a coin slot at the top and it’s tamperproof. Children can’t open it without a key. 

There is also a wide range of colours for you to choose from and you have the option to add your logo or other brand identity elements since they have a large enough area.

Because they are durable and useful, your brand will receive long-term exposure and enjoy improved customer satisfaction. Piggy banks can be a great promotional product for banks and other financial institutions.

Rubik’s Cube

This toy will never get old. The Rubik’s cube is the right promotional product for people who love a challenge. I know what you are thinking: Rubik’s cubes are great, but is using them as a promotional product a good idea?

The answer is yes. Let me explain.

We all love a puzzle. It’s the kind of competition many of us would love to have as the party goes on. Once your mind starts working on a mystery, there’s no letting go. This is what makes the Rubik’s Cube effective as a promotional product.

Here’s how you do it: Instead of multicoloured sides like the traditional one, your cube could have sides made up of image parts. Customers can assemble different parts to form complete images. Here’s the best part. The images on the sides of your Rubik’s cube could be those that market your brand in one way or the other. Once someone solves it, they can rearrange it to form other interesting combinations.

Stuffed Toys

Kids love stuffed toys. So why not spread cheer while promoting your brand at the same time? The great thing about using stuffed toys is their variety. You will be spoilt for choice. 

Another advantage of using stuffed toys is that you have a lot of options when it comes to branding. Kids carry their favourite toys everywhere. Your brand will receive a lot of exposure as a result.

Jigsaw Puzzle

 A jigsaw puzzle is the perfect product to keep boredom away. It might also be what your customers need to make their parties more fun. An entire family or group can actually take part in this, making it perfect for parties and other events. Your customers will have a memorable time with such a game and this will boost your customer loyalty as a result.

Heart-Shaped Foam Stress Ball

We’ve all had some bad bays. You most probably know how it feels to be stressed out at work with no means of release. This product will be an instant hit with all your customers. So many people will be attending their parties and those who lead stressful lives will find this a godsend product.

The stress ball has a heart shape and is covered with a soft material. It is also filled with foam which makes it easy and satisfying to knead. You will find the product easy to brand since it has enough space for your logo. 

Rubber Duck

Rubber ducks have multiple uses. Kids can use it as a toy. It will inspire water play which could then lead to better physical health for the child. Rubber ducks can also be used for birthday parties. Many people actually use them as a party theme. Your customers would definitely love such a product during this festive season. Keep in mind that rubber ducks are durable products so your brand will remain with your customers for a long time.

Pet Fetch Toy Tennis Ball

Do you have customers with pets? Then they will love this product. The pet fetch toy has been designed specifically for animals. It is low bounce, which means it's perfect for playing fetch with pets. Both kids and adults would love to have this as a toy.  They come in different colours and are easy to brand.

Working with a product promotions company will save you a lot of trouble, especially when it comes to deciding what product to give your customers during this holiday season. Apart from having a variety of perfect promotional items for the holiday season, Happy way Promotions is ready to work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the items you need to achieve better promotional marketing outcomes. Visit our store to explore our selections or simply call us and one of our representatives will be ready to help you.