Why Are Custom Lanyards Popular In 2021?

custom lanyards

If there's one item that has carried sentimental value for a long time, it's definitely the lanyard. Custom lanyards have been around for decades. It's 2021 and lanyards are still popular as ever.  

Once you put on a custom lanyard, a good feeling immediately sets in. Whether you have attached your keys, ID badge or name tag, lanyards make you feel a sense of importance and belonging. It could be the sheer weightlessness, the colour, or design. All in all, lanyards are just superb.  

Here are more reasons why custom lanyards continue to stand out in 2021. 

Lanyards Are Trendy 

Custom lanyards are quite fashionable. Even with a wedding suit or gown, a lanyard will still look good. This is largely due to the fact that lanyards don't take up much space. The super-thin cords easily blend in with any dress code. 

 The colour choice and visual design for your lanyard should not be too vibrant. A neutral colour scheme will go well with any setting.. With your lanyard on and your name tag attached, everyone knows you're running the show. 

Lanyards Do It All

Custom lanyards spark up plenty of interest, for both businesses and consumers. If you're a business looking to further market your brand, lanyards should immediately fall on your list. From having a great promotional item to excellent giveaways for your employees, lanyards do it all. 

Lanyards are also trendy for the average consumer. Plus, they are cheap and last for quite some time if well-kept. You can wear it to work, outdoor events or even the gym. 

A Much-needed Accessory 

Think of the times when you needed a way to carry important items without bearing extra weight or losing them. Custom lanyards are arguably valuable accessories. You can attach your keys, IDs, and even a personalised water bottle.  

As you go about your day, you can rest easy, knowing that you look good and your closest possessions are safe. 

Lanyards Are Cheap

Custom lanyards are by far one of the best items for casual use or as a marketing tool. Why? The simple reason is that lanyards are cheap! You can have as many lanyards as you want for your keys, medals and even water bottles. 

For a business owner, lanyards could be your ticket to marketing success. Coming up with your own custom lanyard design will cost you next to nothing. You won't need a lot of fabric to begin with. The choice of fabric is also wide. From cotton to poly satin, you can explore different fabrics to achieve different effects, both in print design, cost and visual appeal.  

Also, you can produce lanyards in bulk. This is advantageous. You won't have to pay a fortune every time you receive a large order.  

Depending on the material used, lanyards can last a long time. Even if you still have some left in your inventory, you can always distribute them during the next sales season. 

Lanyards Are Easy To Design And Customise 

Of all the great promotional items out there, custom lanyards are convenient in terms of custom design. There are different types of designs, based on the choice of colour, fabric, printing technique and hook attachments. This means you can have an endless selection of design patterns to fit all your marketing requirements.  

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with custom lanyards as a promotional tool in 2021. Just make sure you are working with the best online promotional products supplier. This will give you access to the best varieties and also a team to help you design the best one for your event or campaign.

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