Creating An Impact With Tradeshow Giveaways

People love free stuff. It’s one of the major reasons why every successful brand out there keeps dishing out giveaways. Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, earn client loyalty or boost sales, you cannot go wrong with giveaways. 

However, the market is competitive. Every ambitious brand is working hard to win more customers. So, for your tradeshow to be a success and bring you the results you desire, you will have to go the extra mile.  

A well-thought-out trade show giveaway will create a huge impact. But that’s just one of many things you will have to do to stand out and create a lasting impact with your gifts.  Read on to learn what else you need to do to maximize the impact of your trade show giveaways.

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Think Of Your Objective

Without a good understanding of your objective, even the most well-thought-out gifts will not create the impact you deserve. 

Think about it. If you are just starting, your main goal will probably be to create awareness and capture the attention of new clients. If you have been in business for long, you will want to make your clients feel appreciated and valued. If you are rebranding, your wish will be to move with your clients. 

With your objective in mind, you will be in a better position to select the right gift and target the right customers. For example, if your trade show focuses on brand introduction and you are targeting your existing customers, you will be off-target. But if you come up with gift ideas suitable for prospective customers, the outcome is more likely to be great.

Choose A Unique Prize

This may sound simple but it’s not. Choosing a gift that interests your customers, promotes your business and drives real results can be a hard nut to crack, especially if you lack the skill and experience to do promotional campaigns.

Some businesses end up with giveaways that reflect their brand but are generic and uninteresting to customers. Others find themselves with gifts that customers love but which fail to effectively promote their business.

An easier way to solve this would be to hire a good Australian corporate gift company to help you do the selection and branding. On your own, chances of failure in combining the three aspects will be high.

Such a company will help you identify a durable gift that will complement your brand, excite your customers and create the impact you want.

Understand Your Audiences

Giving prizes to everyone is so general and will have you spending so much just to achieve your objective. Narrowing your recipients to a smaller group does the opposite, especially if you have a good prize in mind. 

But that’s not where you stop. Make sure your chosen gift matches your intended recipient’s needs and expectations. This calls for the need to do thorough research before starting to give out your gifts.

When you have a good understanding of their interests, behavior, demographics and other aspects that matter to this process, you will be in a better position to pick giveaways that will have a strong lasting impact on them.

Develop A Promotion Strategy

Once you have identified a perfect gift and figured out the right audience for it, think about a promotion strategy.

Your strategy should include things such as when the giveaway starts, what draws attention to your brand, an analysis of your competitors and target audience and so on. It should position you for success. 

After all, the criteria you use to dish out the promotional gifts will determine the reaction you evoke from your audience. To create a lasting impact, have a professional help you come up with a solid strategy. When this is done right, expect maximum return from the event.

A Post Giveaway Evaluation Plan

The biggest and most important part of a promotional giveaway is evaluation. You will want to know if your gift was well-received or failed in its mission. 

You will also want to find out the impact the event has had on your business. Did it meet your main objective and if so, by what magnitude? 

Feedback from your customers will also help you refine your future trade show giveaway.

In order to do the post-evaluation right, sit down with your team and come up with the most suitable methods of collecting this information, from the reaction to perceptions.

By now, we can all agree that creating an impact with a trade show giveaway isn’t simple. But with the tips we have discussed, you are guaranteed of a great head start. Take time to learn more about each so as to double your chances of success. Our branding and marketing experts at Happyway Promotions are ready to walk this journey with you. You can talk to us to learn more about how we can be of help to your trade show campaign.