How Seasons Play A Part In Choosing The Right Promotional Products

Do you have a clear strategy for your product promotions campaign when it comes to seasons and the major holiday events of the year? If your answer is no, then you probably need to reevaluate your approach. Seasons play a huge part in product promotions. Choosing the wrong products for the wrong season can have disastrous results. Read on to learn how seasons affect the impact of your promotional products. 

Apparent Value

The fact that promotional products are free doesn’t guarantee that your campaign will succeed. Yes. We all love free products, but your consumers are more likely to use your products if they have formed an emotional connection to it.

You can effectively achieve this by making sure that the products you pick for your campaign are relevant to the different seasons of the year. Come up with creative ways to show your customer base that your promotional product is tailored to improve their lifestyle during that season.

For example, you can offer sunglasses with UV protection and broad-brimmed bucket hats during the summer. Customers will appreciate such products for their apparent value. 

You will also achieve your seasonal marketing goals since they will put your products to good use throughout the season.

Sentimental Value

Customers are more likely to keep using products with sentimental value. Understanding the mood around different seasons is the best way to take advantage of this

You can leverage customer seasonal psychology to not only move your products but to ensure that your customers use them as well. For example, if you have no idea what kind of promotional products you can use for the winter season, use the knowledge that your customers prefer staying indoors to your advantage. Electric heating mugs, board games and cosy hoodies would be perfect for promoting your business during this time. 

Consumer Habits

Seasons affect consumer habits in different ways. For example, your business might experience a sales slump during the summer seasons. One of the reasons is that most of your customers will be spending their time outdoors and going on vacations.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is a unique marketing opportunity for your business. Hold a brainstorm session with your team and come up with a list of promotional products that your customers would not say no to during such a season.

With a great product catalogue, your customers will be marketing your business even when you’re experiencing a sales slump. Your efforts will bear fruit when you hit the peak season.

The Power Of Trends

Trends and seasons go hand in hand. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are a hotbed of popular trends that pop up during one season and disappear when another season rolls in. 

Use these seasonal trends to your advantage in your product promotions campaigns.

But always make sure that a popular trend is relevant to your customer base. Otherwise, your campaign will fall flat on its face before you even get started. 

Once you have identified a relevant trend, your next step should be to find creative ways to incorporate your promotional product within these trends.

The apparent advantage of this approach lies with the viral nature of trends. Not only will your product promotion campaign reach a lot of potential customers, but you will also get to advertise your product to new circles of potential customers.

By now, you can clearly see how seasons and holiday events affect your product promotion campaigns. Products that are wildly popular during a certain period of the year will barely manage to pique the interest of your customers during a different season.

Sometimes you will find it overwhelming to keep track of consumer whims during different seasons. This is why you should work with a product promotions company that has the necessary experience in your industry.

At Happy Way promotions, we will ensure that your business is always ready to capitalise on all the seasons and major holiday events of the year.