Six Reasons to Use a Pens with Names Engraved

pen with name engraved

For so many years, personalised pens have dominated promotional marketing campaigns. This can be attributed to the fact they are easy to hand out and very useful to many people. When branded well, they will go a long way in marketing your brand.

It is no doubt then that you will need them for your advertising and marketing campaigns. If for any reason you are not sure about this, you are welcome to read on. Below, we discuss a couple of reasons why you need them. 

Personalised Marketing

Personalised marketing has many benefits. It’s a technique you can use to drive sales up, build customer loyalty, increase engagement and promote awareness.

Personalising your promotional pens with names engraved will achieve similar outcomes. Recipients are going to feel very special and valid. They will be so proud to use the pens

Since personalised pens with names engraved are available in various designs, you can choose those that compliment your recipient preferences and brand identity then customize them with a personalised message. 

Having a client’s name or any other personal detail on a personalised pen makes them appreciate your service or product more as they feel valued.

Pens with names engraved are Cost-Effective

Effective advertising and marketing more often cost a fortune. If you run a small business or are on a budget, then expensive marketing options are not an option. The good news is there are still inexpensive ways to effectively market your brand or products. 

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Although personalised pens have a cost to them, they are still by far very cost-effective. Pens are sold in bulk, making the cost per pen quite affordable. You can also get different designs, and brand them as you see fit. This is way cheaper than media advertising.


Almost all of us use a pen at some point during the day. It may be at work, school, while shopping, etc. This means that pens can be used by many people. This is exactly what you need as a brand. 

The more people use your pen, the larger the exposure for your brand. Personalised pens, unlike mainstream advertising, are always with the customer, either in their pocket or bag. Every time they use it, they are reminded of your brand. Apart from the name of the business, you can include your address, website, and telephone number on the pen. 

Some people will keep a beautifully crafted pen as an antique of sorts even after the ink runs out. That means that your brand will still be visible, and will always remind customers of your service.

Improve Customer Relationship

We all want repeat customers in our business because they keep the business going. A good word from a customer will go a long way in growing your business. To build this loyalty and good relationship with your client base, you can use personalised pens as a sign of appreciation. 

Issue well-designed pen, which will win the attention of even new clients. Remember to add a personalised message depending on client needs. 

Creating A Long Lasting Impression

For most customers, nothing creates a long-lasting impression better than a gift they find useful and valuable. pens with names engraved are perfect for this. After serving the clients who walk into your business, give them one.

At first, they will be impressed by your action and if they find the gift perfect, you will have earned their love. They will want to show it off to their friends, colleagues and even strangers. And there is no way they will forget your brand after this. This is how they will also bring more people in, which in turn will boost your business. 

Pens with names engraved are Versatile

As discussed earlier, personalised pens with name engraved come in various designs and materials. Thus, they are easy to customize according to different client targets. 

You can choose to get normal school writing pens, marker pens, or whiteboard pens. This means that no one in the target market is left out. And the more clients you give to, the better your brand exposure will be. Freebies work by spreading the word to as many clients as possible.

 To conclude, there’s no doubt that pens with names engraved are a great marketing tool. Especially for a business that wants to grow its image, improve customer satisfaction and save on costs. Just make sure you source them from a reliable promotional products supplier for the best results. 

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