Personalised Water Bottles: The Ultimate Promotions Tool

Personalised Water Bottles - The Ultimate Promotions Tool

As business owners, we are all always looking for superior ways to advertise our brands. Many of us will agree that nothing does this better than promotional products. Customized products, if used well, can truly put your brand on top. Whatever business you run, you can never go wrong with personalized water bottles.

It's easy to see how personalized water bottles can fit in any setting. From corporate establishments to outdoor events, a water bottle comes in handy. We look at what makes them perfect for promotional marketing.

A Personalised Water Bottle Promotes Healthy Living

As a business, you should not just be interested in your client's wallets. Customers would really appreciate it if you showed that you truly care about them. You will come off as a credible brand.

Personalised water bottles are an excellent reminder that your customers need to stay hydrated throughout the day. In the corporate workplace where employees hardly stop for a water break, water bottles come in handy as well.

Outdoor and sports events are also ideal places to market your brand. If your brand stands out, you can have frequent orders every time the events kick in.


Most quality water bottles feature a detachable cup. You can either drink from the bottle or pour water into the cup. This is a simple yet highly convenient feature. It enables you to drink your water in small amounts.

What's more, personalized water bottles can be reused a couple of times. How long one lasts will depend on the type you opt for. This is an important factor to consider because the longer your personalised water bottles last, the more sustained visibility you get.

Equality important to note is that some water bottles even have insulation. This keeps your water cold, warm or hot.

Room For Customizations

This is yet another awesome feature that comes with water bottles. Think about it? How many water bottles have you seen? Many shapes and sizes, I bet. This just goes to show how much people love customized water bottles.

For an entrepreneur, this should be a good thing as it means you can come up with amazing bottle designs.

In an effort to stand out, carefully study what your target audiences like. Check out what’s trending promotional products that can be used in the bottle's design? Look at different materials available and their advantages as well.

Personalized water bottles are also a great way to advertise your logo. Whether imprinted or engraved, customers will always come into contact every time they take a sip of water.

Different Materials

Just as personalized water bottles come in all shapes and sizes, the material varies as well. You should consider what type of event or occasion is at play. Are you handing out water bottles as giveaways to your employees and loyal customers? If so, metal or glass water bottles are suitable, as they're stylish, durable and can be reused for a long time.

Buy Water Bottle Online

Take sports events, for instance. There's a lot of activity. With all this action, you don't expect to distribute fragile water bottles. Polycarbonate makes strong water bottles that can withstand a punch. They're also stylish and great for big one time events.

Fancy an outdoor event? It's a great place to give out customized water bottles. Those in attendance can interact freely with the added convenience of a personalized water bottle.

Personalised Water Bottles Are Cost-Effective

The best thing about personalized water bottles is you won't have to spend a lot. Sourcing for material is cheaper compared to other promotional products. You can have the water bottles made in bulk orders within a short time. The logo also won't take up much space, therefore reducing printing charges.

You can also stock up on water bottles without the risk of product value dropping. Because water bottles are everyday utility items, people will always be in need. This gives you a large market to explore. From the corporate world to the public sector, everyone wouldn't mind having a classy water bottle.

This is what makes personalized water bottles the ultimate promotional product in Australia.


How many times have you been thirsty, only to find water long after your thirst has disappeared? I personally find it frustrating. Well, if you're like me, personalized water bottles are what you've been missing out on.

Stainless Water bottles are very convenient. You can use them for just about anything. Whether it's quenching your thirst or swallowing your meds, personalized water bottles do it all.

You can include a hanging tag that lets clients hang the water bottles around their necks or wrists. This portable feature makes the water bottle more stylish and easier to carry around.

A Valuable Accessory

Many people don't realize it, but personalized water bottles can be a very powerful promotional item. Water bottles don't just come in handy when you're thirsty. A water bottle can be the perfect addition to your interior decor. You can place it on your office desk or kitchen counter.

Mountain bikes also have a metal clip on the cross frame where you can attach your water bottle. This is among the features that make bottles an attraction to most people.

In summary, your recipients, whether customers or staff, have plenty of reasons to warm up to your personalised water bottles. Just make sure you have acquired the right quality and customised them perfectly for the purpose in question. Your brand will have a lot to gain.

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