Why You Should Outsource Lanyard Printing

lanyard printing

Are you thinking of getting custom lanyards for your brand? Congratulations! These are the ultimate marketing merchandise you can count on for excellent results. Outsourcing your lanyard printing is the next best thing you can do. Why? You may ask. 

First, because In-house printing is going to require a lot of attention and focus which you may not have as you have a business to run as well. Secondly, this process will skyrocket your costs and exhaust your resources.  If you want to maximize profits while reducing costs,  outsourcing is the way to go. 

Keep on reading to learn why you should consider outsourcing the printing of your lanyards.


Printing lanyards can seem like a simple project, but in truth, there are a ton of choices to be made when it comes to print selections, storage and distribution.

Outsourcing ensures that your company does not incur the extra costs associated with these processes. This will, in turn, allow you to invest in the areas of your business that maximize growth and profit.

Industry Expertise

Everyone benefits from expert advice offered by online promotional products suppliers. In addition to supplying you with quality products, they identify the perfect solution to meet your printing needs.


Decisions about lanyard types, printing methods, designs, and couriers need to be right the first time.  Having someone with in-depth industry knowledge will be an invaluable addition to your organisation. This expertise can save your business finances and time. 

Also, many of them have experienced staff on hand to answer any questions you have about lanyard printing.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The impact we have on our environment cannot be overlooked. We all utilize natural resources.  Therefore, you have a responsibility to ensure you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprints across your industry.

Outsourcing your lanyard printing helps your business get a step closer to becoming more eco-friendly and achieving its green impact goals. The outsourcing process will identify how to cut down on material usage or wastage.

Advanced Technology

In any industry, the best quality product is produced with the best technology. Outsourcing your lanyard printing can give you access to professional printing equipment and make low-quality printouts a thing of the past.

Technology is not all about delivering a quality finished product only. Outsourcing your printing to experts also means access to a cloud-based system for ordering your print, tracking your stock, and managing all assets in a centralised position.

Training Or Hiring Technical Staff Is Not Required

If you decide to carry out lanyard printing in-house, you will need to have a team of staff members conversant with running the machines. In the absence of a staff member, you may resort to sending one or two people out for training on how to run and maintain printing machines. 

But by leaving these jobs to an outsourced firm, your workers will be able to focus on tasks that assist in the growth of your organization.

It is unfortunate that most companies are yet to embrace the idea of outsourcing lanyard printing or any other printing work to those who specialise in doing this. Yet this is the second-largest opportunity for decreasing your business costs. I hope that by now you realize there are little to no downsides to outsourcing printing to those with the capacity to carry out such a process better than you. 

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